Ways The IoT Is Going To Change Your Life

Ways The IoT Is Going To Change Your Life

Ways The IoT Is Going To Change Your Life

We all know that technology is expanding at an incredible pace. Sometimes it seems like it’s a challenge to even keep up with the newest trends, memes, and social platforms, and now there are a host of items that can be connected to not only each other, but your home network, and the internet.

The IoT, or the “internet of things” is a term used to describe anything that can be connected to the internet, no matter what. It’s a field that is booming, and it is projected that by 2026 there will be more than 64 billion connected devices on the planet. Considering there only about 8 billion people, and easily half of those don’t even have internet service, that is impressive.

Just like the personal computer changed the technological landscape, followed by the internet, then the smartphone, our lives are continually impacted by the abilities and conveniences that technology brings us, and the IoT is only going to enhance that. It is the latest new technological trend promising better connectivity and convenience. Here are some of the ways you can expect your life to be impacted by some of these connected devices, and the connectivity itself.

1.   Faster Digital Communications

This is wide-reaching, not just the speeds of your home internet, but also of your smartphone and the internet in general. One of the ways this has manifested already is the start of 5th generation wireless communications, also known as “5G”. This new wireless technology has speed capabilities that far surpass its predecessors, which will enable us to do all kinds of things much easier. WiFi 6 also promises similar speed-boosts, as it’ll enable a more efficient distribution of data across all the devices connected to the router.

Speeds will increase organically since the maximum bandwidth for digital communications needs to widen for all of the additional devices that are connected each day. This means you won’t see dropped calls or slower video buffering in the evenings when everyone is getting off work and starting recreational media like gaming or streaming.

2.   Smart Appliances Begin To Do Your Work For You

We’ve all wished for the dinner that would cook itself, or the fridge that would help you keep track of your groceries and what was on your shopping list? Or even that you could simply hit a few buttons on your smartphone and just get a curbside pickup of your groceries? Those days are here, and they’re only getting better.

Some refrigerators will stream your music, manage your grocery list, and even send out a tweet for you. There are connected and smart crock pots and pressure cookers, so even if you live alone, you can tell Alexa or Google to start your dinner so you can come home to a nice, hot meal. There are even smart laundry centers that give you smartphone control, digital assistant integration, and delayed start options.

3.   Next Stop: The Cloud

Increased bandwidth and exploding media accessibility mean traditional local storage will become increasingly irrelevant as we store more and more of our data in the cloud. This is a double-edged sword, however, as it can be an unfailing backup for your more important and precious data, but it also means you may not always have control over your data. Various hosting services will create their terms of service, so read carefully before you upload!

4.   Healthcare Will Become More Accessible And Higher-Quality

The interconnectedness of the IoT means that healthcare will get exponentially better. The healthcare field already leverages incomprehensible amounts of data, so making that easier and faster means they can do their jobs better.

Connected implants will upload stats and readings, so your healthcare team can ensure your health anywhere on the planet. Connected blood sugar monitors already help diabetics lead more healthful lives.

5.   You Will, Unfortunately, Enjoy Less Security

An unfortunate side effect of more connectivity and more data whizzing around at light-speed, is that there are more opportunities for nefarious individuals to see or steal that data. While it likely won’t change your life immensely, you will need to adapt to new theft prevention measures, just like with any new technology.


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